Dividends Income – March 2022 (03/12)

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Another month has passed and so it is time again to give you an overview of my dividends. The month of March has developed very positively overall. Not only the performance has increased, but also in the dividends there was again a nice sum to record. Thus, the positive development of my dividends continues. So below again all my dividends received and their development in detail.

327.48 euros dividend

In March 2022, there was a total of 327.48 euros in dividends in my portfolio. This is a huge increase in this passive income compared to March 2021. In March 2021, I was able to record just 58.22 euros in dividends. This corresponds to an increase of 462.49% here. This is a very good development for me and shows me how regular investing can develop here.

You can read the exact development of my dividends here. On this page I regularly enter all my dividends and thus give you a nice overview of the development of my dividends. All dividends received are always reinvested. I do not take anything out of this portfolio and increase my monthly investments. My main goal is to increase the average dividend per month to 500 Euro as soon as possible. Of course, the risk should not be too great and therefore the sole view only on the dividend yield is not my focus.

In March 2022, I received a dividend from 9 companies accordingly. This time Microsoft, Gladstone Commercial, Ares Capital, Prospect Capital, Unilever, Hercules Capital, Realty Income, iShares EM Dividend and the GLOBAL X SUPERINCOME PREFERRED ETF helped me to get these great dividends. Monthly payers are now starting to get a good share of my dividends received. I will probably expand here in the future.

In any case, I will continue to invest regularly and also keep increasing the investments. Thus, the more dividends I reinvest, the higher my monthly investment will be. In addition, I also try to keep increasing my fixed savings rate per month. As a goal for the year 2022, I had set myself to invest at least 9,600 euros minimum. I will probably be able to achieve this goal very quickly. At the end of February, I have already reached almost 80% of my goal and have already invested an enormous 7676.63 euros. I still have to calculate the investments for March at my leisure.

My dividends in March 2022

The following is an overview of my dividends received:

2022-03-31 26.45 Dividend US3765361080 Gladstone Commercial
2022-03-31 66.8 Dividend US04010L1035 Ares Capital
2022-03-30 70.42 Dividend IE00B652H904 iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF – USD DIS
2022-03-22 19.46 Dividend US74348T1025 Prospect Capital Co.
2022-03-22 20.13 Dividend GB00B10RZP78 Unilever
2022-03-16 81.9 Dividend US4270965084 Hercules Capital
2022-03-15 8.49 Dividend US7561091049 Realty Income
2022-03-11 29.29 Dividend US37950E3339 GLOBAL X SUPERINCOME PREFERRED ETF
2022-03-10 4.54 Dividend US5949181045 Microsoft

How do the dividends look like for you?

Just write in the comments, how it goes with you so with the dividends.

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Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros

Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros

Another month is already over and it’s time again to write about my current dividend. In April, I already had a dividend record to report, which I was very pleased about. But now in May 2022 there was again a new record in my dividends. The investments of the last months have thus paid off quite nicely. Below is again the exact list and development of my dividends.

Dividends Income – February 2022 (02/12)

Dividends Income – February 2022 (02/12)

Overall, February 2022 was a pretty good month for me and the performance of my dividend income continues to be very positive. So below again are all of my dividends received and their performance in detail.



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