Dividends Income – February 2022 (02/12)

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February is now also over again and at the moment there is only one topic in the world. I don’t want to make any political statements here as I don’t think this is the right environment for that. Here I just want to talk about my dividends received and how they have developed. Overall, February 2022 was a pretty good month for me and the performance of my dividend income continues to be very positive. So below again are all of my dividends received and their performance in detail.

266.60 Euro dividend

In February 2022, I was able to record a total of 266.60 euros in dividends. Since it is only my second year on the stock market, I can finally show comparisons to the respective month last year.

In February 2021, there was just 14.15 euros in dividends for me to book. my dividend portfolio was, however, “then” still under construction. of course, I was also very happy about this small dividend a year ago. But now it is very nice to see how my regular investments have continued to pay off and my “passive income” keeps increasing from month to month.

In February, a total of 9 companies in my dividend portfolio have now contributed to my passive income. These were: BAT, Apple, Global X ETF, Omega Healthcare, Realty Income, AbbVie, Prospect Capital, Artisan Partners and Gladstone Commercial. In the case of Artisan Partners, there will be a nice increase in the next dividends, as I had not yet purchased all of the current shares here before ex-day.

In any case, I will continue to invest diligently so that the dividends keep increasing. According to DivvyDiary, my monthly average is just a little under 300 euros. By investing regularly, I would like to increase this as quickly as possible to 500 euros on average per month. My self-imposed investment goal for 2022 I have now almost reached and can here after only 2 months here 80% of my investment goal for 2022 already book. But I will go into more detail in my performance report for February 2022.

My dividends in February 2022

The following is an overview of my dividends received:

2022-02-28 Gladstone Commercial 25.86 EUR
2022-02-28 Artisan Partners Ass.Manag. 4.65 EUR
2022-02-17 Prospect Capital Co. 12.03 EUR
2022-02-15 AbbVie 25.89 EUR
2022-02-15 Realty Income 8.19 EUR
2022-02-14 Omega Healthcare Invest. 59.97 EUR
2022-02-10 Apple 3.27 EUR
2022-02-09 BRIT AMER TOBACCO 98.66 EUR
    266,60 EUR

How do the dividends look like for you?

Just write in the comments, how it goes with you so with the dividends.

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Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros

Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros

Another month is already over and it’s time again to write about my current dividend. In April, I already had a dividend record to report, which I was very pleased about. But now in May 2022 there was again a new record in my dividends. The investments of the last months have thus paid off quite nicely. Below is again the exact list and development of my dividends.

Dividends Income – March 2022 (03/12)

Dividends Income – March 2022 (03/12)

Another month has passed and so it is time again to give you an overview of my dividends. The month of March has developed very positively overall. Not only the performance has increased, but also in the dividends there was again a nice sum to record.



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