Dividends Income – January 2022 (01/12)

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Dividends

Welcome to the new year 2022. The first month is over and a lot has happened on the stock markets. In this article, however, everything revolves around my dividends again and I want to increase them more and more. January is a rather weak month. Here, not so many companies pay out in my dividend portfolio.  

97.86 euros dividend

In January 2022, I was able to collect a total of 97.86 euros in dividends. This year is only my second year on the stock market and therefore I can make a comparison with January 2021 for the first time.

In January 2021, I received just 02.42 euros in dividends. Actually, this is not really comparable, since I only started investing in shares in October 2020. I can also anticipate here that I have now received more dividends in January alone than in the first quarter of 2021 combined. Here it has paid off that I have always continued to invest and so the dividends also continue to increase.

Here in January, 4 monthly payers contributed very well to the dividends. In addition to Realty Income, Gladstone Commercial and the GLOBAL X SUPERINCOME PREFERRED ETF, my new monthly payer Prospect Capital also came into play here. Prospect Capital will be added to in February, however, as this position has not yet reached its target size. Otherwise, W.P. Carey was added and that was it for dividends in January 2022.

My dividends in January 2022

The following is an overview of my dividends received:

31.01.2022 Gladstone Commercial 25,95€
20.01.2022 Prospect Capital Co. 06,60
14.01.2022 Realty Income 08,22
14.01.2022 W.P. Carey 28,68

How do the dividends look like for you?

Just write in the comments, how it goes with you so with the dividends.

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