Dividends Income – April 2022 (04/12) – new RECORD

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In April, there were again decent dividends and there was even a new dividend record for me personally. Thus, the very positive development of my dividends continues. I have again changed a little in the portfolio, but more about that later in the performance update. Below again all my dividends received and their development in detail.

420.71 euros dividend

In April 2022, there was a total of 420.71 euros in dividends in my portfolio. This is a huge increase in this passive income compared to April 2021. In April 2021, I was able to record just 57.72 euros in dividends. So my regular investment is paying off and gradually increasing the dividends to ever new heights.

Who would like to have an overview of my dividends received so far, can follow this quite closely here. Like every month, these dividends are directly reinvested. Thus, I also increase every month immmer further my investments. More investments are equal to more dividends in the future. The snowball is slowly rolling, as they say. My next big goal with the dividends is still to drive the monthly average to over 500 euros. If I continue to invest as I have been, this goal should be reached in just a few months.

As of April 2022, a total of 10 stocks have contributed to this very nice dividend income. Enclosed is the extract from Parqet.

I always try to increase the regular investments, which means that the dividends I receive make a very good contribution. This is also quite easy to understand. The more I invest again, the more dividends there will be in the future. More dividends also increase the monthly investments quite automatically.

For 2022, I originally planned to invest at least 9,600 euros. The start of the year was very positive for me financially and so I have already invested an incredible 9113.63 euros here at the end of April. Thus after 4 months already 94.93% are reached. So it may go very gladly further. Now in April I have invested 1,037 euros here, which is already a very good savings rate.

My dividends in April 2022

The following is an overview of my dividends received:

2022-04-29 75.94 Dividend US02209S1033 Altria Group
2022-04-29 27.39 Dividend US3765361080 Gladstone Commercial
2022-04-28 36.92 Dividend NL0011794037 Ahold Delhaize
2022-04-20 133.4 Dividend NO0010209331 Protector Forsikring
2022-04-20 34.42 Dividend US74348T1025 Prospect Capital Co.
2022-04-15 0.28 Dividend US68629Y1038 Orion Office REIT
2022-04-15 8.63 Dividend US7561091049 Realty Income
2022-04-14 30.02 Dividend US92936U1097 W.P. Carey
2022-04-13 54.78 Dividend CH0038863350 Nestle
2022-04-01 18.93 Dividend US1912161007 Coca-Cola

How do the dividends look like for you?

Just write in the comments, how it goes with you so with the dividends.

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Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros

Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros

Another month is already over and it’s time again to write about my current dividend. In April, I already had a dividend record to report, which I was very pleased about. But now in May 2022 there was again a new record in my dividends. The investments of the last months have thus paid off quite nicely. Below is again the exact list and development of my dividends.

Dividends Income – March 2022 (03/12)

Dividends Income – March 2022 (03/12)

Another month has passed and so it is time again to give you an overview of my dividends. The month of March has developed very positively overall. Not only the performance has increased, but also in the dividends there was again a nice sum to record.

Dividends Income – February 2022 (02/12)

Dividends Income – February 2022 (02/12)

Overall, February 2022 was a pretty good month for me and the performance of my dividend income continues to be very positive. So below again are all of my dividends received and their performance in detail.



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