The stock year 2021 is now over and for many investors there were only positive things to report this year. The prices knew almost only one direction and so every investor should also have profited well from it. But will it continue like this in 20222? Exactly this is the question of many investors and occupies one nevertheless somewhat more. If I read through the various portals and opinions so, the markets should go through this year rather a sideways movement. This is supported by the high inflation and now probably also in Europe the interest rates will soon be raised again. Therefore, the following once three shares, where I will probably invest in 2022. With these shares, the risk seems to me to be quite low in 2022.

Share S&P Global

Standard & Poor’s, or S&P for short, is probably known to every investor and is therefore no stranger. The S&P 500 is a worldwide known and respected index for very many investors. S&P earns its money mainly with services for financial data and also the issuing of ratings. Sounds at first not very important and rather boring. However, the ratings are very important for many investors and countries. In order to collect money on the capital market, such ratings are almost indispensable today. In addition, bonds and ETFs are issued. This is then also very interesting for private investors. And the more small investors invest their capital here, the better for SP’s business.

The business model itself therefore sounds a bit boring. But if we look at the performance of the S&P Global share, it doesn’t seem to be so boring after all. In 2021, this share rose by approx. 43 percent and was thus able to make substantial gains. The performance of this stock is simply sensational for me and real downward markdowns did not occur. I will therefore consider getting this stock into my portfolio, as I believe that the price here will continue to rise in 2022. The risk here should be very low.

Share Berkshire Hathaway

Many investors like to look to Warren Buffet for their investments and thus directly to Berkshire Hathaway. Many buy their shares exactly according to the portfolio of this great company. But why simply buy the shares themselves and copy the portfolio so to speak?

It is much easier to buy Berkshire Hathaway shares and profit directly from their investments. In 2021, there was about 30% price gain here, which is already quite decent. It should be borne in mind that this price gain was achieved without Amazon, Facebook and the like. Even in the last few months of 2021, this stock didn’t really collapse like some other tech stocks.

Many company shares are bundled in this company, which can also put away an interest rate increase or even inflation quite well. For example, the stake in Bank of America, which could well benefit from rising interest rates. Coca Cola or Kraft Heinz are also very solid companies and will not get into trouble due to inflation. Such companies will gradually pass on the increased purchasing costs to their sales prices and thus simply compensate for inflation. Here, too, I still see growth overall and this with manageable risk.

Share ASML

ASML has been very successful for several years and this is reflected in the share price performance. This company manufactures machines for the actual chip production and these machines are urgently needed by giants like Intel, Samsung etc. ASML also has a big advantage here and that is its own EUV technology. so far, there seems to be no other company that can really keep up with the technology here.

2021, ASML’s stock has gained about 60%. Of course, this is not a guarantee for the future, and even in 2021 there were minor dips here and there. The chip market and therefore ASML itself are rather cyclical. If the chip market should calm down again at some point in the future, this will also influence ASML’s growth. However, I believe that the chip market will not calm down so quickly and it will still take a few years. Until then, ASML’s margins will continue to rise and the demand for microchips will continue to increase.

So there is still a lot of room for improvement in the share price and the market capitalization will continue to increase enormously in the next few years. Here I see hardly any risk with ASML and I will possibly get in this year.