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The little guy behind AktienDummy

Which guy is actually behind AKTIENDUMMY? And why an information site for stock beginners?

A whole page just for me? I am proud of that. Here I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself a little bit and to show you my point of view, how and why I created AKTIENDUMMY.

This is not an anonymous website, where money is to be taken out of your pockets. You should see who the little guy of AKTIENDUMMY is and I also stand behind my thoughts and articles. My thoughts, experiences and tips are here for free and should remain so. I just want to be transparent, honest and trustworthy here for you.

Unfortunately, many people, mostly out of ignorance, link shares and the stock market with something very negative. The skepticism seems to be very large here and somehow everyone knows someone who has only experienced bad things on the stock market. My experiences and tips should help to get rid of this skepticism towards stock market trading and to re-evaluate the matter with some distance.

I am simply a normal private investor who is more and more involved with stocks and the stock market. I do not work for a bank, finance company or similar. Thus, I am simply independent and give my thoughts and tips here, of which I myself am actually convinced.

That’s me

I’m Mario, a tender 41 years young (as of March 2021) and anything but crunchy. I live alone and have a really great son. Professionally, I am firmly in life and am also very satisfied so far.

I myself have put off my retirement planning and investments for a long time. At some point, of course, such behavior takes its revenge. Because here in particular: the sooner, the better. The earlier everyone deals with their own old-age provision and investment, the better the prospects will be. Above all, it takes much less capital at a young age to build up assets over the long term.

My interest in shares and investment

I first became really interested in shares as an investment in 2020, when I went through a phase where I started to think seriously about my standard of living in old age. I really noticed that the gap between my pension and my current standard of living was drifting further and further apart. So I wanted to make sure that I would not end up in old-age poverty.

Thus I began to concern myself with the topic shares and investment. I have read some books and articles for it. Of course, I also watched many videos about it. Of course, it was not so easy to get the right information at the beginning. Here, too, there are unfortunately always black sheep and recommend any shares. But little by little I got to know other people who have actively supported me and could also give serious information.


I started to invest money only on 01 October 2020, so very late actually, because I have lost about 20 years for meaningful investments. That’s how the idea for AKTIENDUMMY came to me.

Since I have only recently started to invest my money in stocks and ETFs, I got the idea for this website. So I can show my own experiences with shares here promptly. My experiences can of course be positive and also negative. So in case of a negative stock experience I can also point out and explain what I would have done differently in retrospect. So I can give first-hand tips.

My portfolio

On AKTIENDUMMY I will not only show my experiences and give tips. Rather, I will also present my own portfolio here always up to date. So everyone interested can see what I have done and how my own portfolio is developing.

But there will be one restriction. I will not publish any amounts of money here. Unfortunately, there is a very large envy culture here in Germany. Thus I will show here only, what I bought or sold when and how. Thereby I also show my thoughts, motives and strategy. All stocks and ETFs from my portfolio will be presented. It will also be visible how much weight (percent) a share has in my portfolio and from which countries and industries my portfolio is composed.

My activities in the real portfolio

Here you can see what has happened in my portfolio year by year, month by month. All my purchases and sales clearly listed.

My activities are linked so that you can follow my thoughts and motives.

So you will always be up to date and can understand my motives for buying or selling exactly.

directly to my trading activities

My own depot

Here you can see my personal and real portfolio. Here everyone can see which stocks or ETFs I own and how industries and countries are composed. Additionally all current articles about my depot will be linked here. With every change I will write an article and disclose what I did. Of course I will also explain my thoughts on why I did this. It should all be transparent and honest.

Have fun,


What you will not find here, however, is investment advice or investment recommendation. All content on this website is for information and entertainment purposes only and reflects my personal opinion.