Basics for beginners in shares

My basics for stock beginners

Building up some wealth or making provisions for old age is very important to me today. However, it is not exactly easy to start your own trading with stocks as a stock beginner. A certain knowledge about the stock market should be acquired in advance. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity here to put together what I consider to be the important basics for stock beginners.

Of course I will try to explain the stock basics as easy and understandable as possible. I write here the basics again, which I consider important for myself. Little by little I will publish new stock basics here. So it is worthwhile to have a look regularly.

Beginner tips

Here are my tips for beginners in a nutshell.

Advantages of ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds simply explained.

Compound interest effect

It’s that easy to build a fortune.

The share deposit

What is a share deposit account?