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Again and again we hear that everyone has to provide for their own old age. Without the right provisions, one’s own standard of living in old age can probably no longer be maintained, since the pension level is also being gradually lowered. For this reason, I have started to organize my own pension provision on the stock exchange.

Many people are afraid of the stock market and shares. Why actually?

I started my investments on 3rd of October 2020!

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Welcome to my website

On AktienDummy.de I would like to give you detailed insights into my own dividend portfolio. My portfolio is very much focused on dividends and I am always happy when the dividends increase little by little. Unfortunately, I have started very late to deal with finances and shares and have therefore many years of investing completely slept through. For this reason I have chosen my strategy towards dividends directly. The dividends should later provide me with a nice passive income without having to sell shares.

To be able to invest regularly, I have of course set up some savings plans with my broker. I have decided to use Smartbroker. I like this broker so far very well. It can be selected several trading venues and also the dividends always come without waiting directly to the clearing account. However, there is also a disadvantage here. The selection of savings plans is unfortunately quite small and it can be purchased in shares also no fractions. Purely for savings plans, there are better alternatives on the market. Therefore, only 3 savings plans are executed here monthly and this is then my minimum monthly investment, so to speak. Any capital left over at the end of the month is then invested here in addition. How regular investing can affect the dividends is clearly listed on the page “My dividends”.

Why even this page?

In the Corona Lockdown, many private investors in Germany have decided to invest their money in the stock market. This in itself is a very good sign. However, we will see that it can change quickly in bad times on the stock market and the opinion of many can then change again. In Germany, there is still a lot of envy, if someone earns a little more money or even afford something. I also find that this is “typically German” and this is also extremely driven by some parties here. So actually only the society is divided. But this is another topic.

On this page, however, I make my investments public and show completely transparent, as my portfolio so develops. So everyone who is interested can see here which activities there were in the portfolio and how my dividends are developing. Therefore, I always publish my portfolio performance here on a monthly basis and also publish my dividends on a monthly basis. This also serves as a kind of motivation for me and I can always see what I have done in the past. So I don’t just publish something here when things are going great in my dividend portfolio. Losses are simply part of the equities and also these losses or wrong decisions I show here completely transparent. My portfolio is 100% real and is not a fake.

Important dividend basics

Dividends are paid out at different periods. In Germany, dividends are usually paid out annually. However, there are other ways and especially companies from the USA pay dividends in much shorter periods. Many interesting and useful dividend basics expand your financial knowledge.

Important share basics

When it comes to shares, ETFs, pension plans and asset accumulation, you need a lot of knowledge, especially at the beginning. This knowledge can be easily and quickly acquired here to become active on the stock market. I have written down some stock basics here and will continue to expand this little by little.

Recent blog posts

Up-to-date monthly financial statements, summaries and dividends. Always up to date and one hundred percent genuine. Furthermore, I publish here and there other interesting articles. These are always about finances, retirement planning and asset building. If you are looking for something, please feel free to use the search function.