Another month is already over and it’s time again to write about my current dividend. In April, I already had a dividend record to report, which I was very pleased about. But now in May 2022 there was again a new record in my dividends. The investments of the last months have thus paid off quite nicely. Below is again the exact list and development of my dividends.

708.89 euros dividend

In May 2022, there were a very good 708.89 euros of dividends in my dividend portfolio. In April 2022, there were exactly 420.71 euros in dividends. This is an enormous increase and it is really fun to see such a development. Especially the increase compared to the previous year is enormous.

In May 2021, there were just 65.90 euros in dividends. The regular investing and the switch to a focus on dividends thus show their full effect.

A detailed overview of my dividends and their development can always be viewed monthly on this page. I have not yet reached my goal of an average of 500 euros in dividends per month. However, I am on a very good way there. According to DivvyDiary I am currently at just under 460 euros in dividends per month. For this I also invest as much as possible every month to be able to reach this goal in a few months..

Evolution of my dividends

In May 2022, there was a dividend from a total of 14 companies. The development of my dividends is therefore very positive and for this I invest every month and regularly. This year alone, I was able to invest over 12,300 euros (including the dividends received so far). Here, of course, it must also be said that I can handle this financially and for this I am also very grateful. I have a fixed savings rate per month, which is invested. In addition, the distributed dividends plus the capital, which I still have left at the end of the month.

Below are some graphs for you, how my dividends have developed:

Dividends May 2022

Below is the exact overview of who paid out and how much:

2022-05-31 57,74 € Dividend US04316A1088 Artisan Partners Ass.Manag.
2022-05-31 11,32 € Dividend US3765351008 Gladstone Capital
2022-05-31 27,07 € Dividend US3765361080 Gladstone Commercial
2022-05-24 103,33 € Dividend US4270965084 Hercules Capital
2022-05-19 35,94 € Dividend US74348T1025 Prospect Capital Co.
2022-05-16 28,06 € Dividend US00287Y1091 AbbVie
2022-05-13 64,51 € Dividend US6819361006 Omega Healthcare Invest.
2022-05-13 8,85 € Dividend US7561091049 Realty Income
2022-05-13 75,02 € Dividend CA25537Y1043 DIVIDEND GROWTH SPLIT
2022-05-12 26,65 € Dividend NO0010209331 Protector Forsikring
2022-05-12 3,68 € Dividend US0378331005 Apple
2022-05-09 118,80 € Dividend DE0008404005 Allianz
2022-05-04 100,48 € Dividend GB0002875804 British American Tobacco
2022-05-03 47,44 € Dividend LU0292096186 Xtrackers Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 Swap UCITS ETF – 1D EUR DIS
708,89 €

How are your dividends developing?