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Performance – Mai 2022 (05/12)


How did my dividend portfolio perform in May 2022? What did I buy or sell? How high were the dividends?

I answer all questions here in this article and give you accordingly again current insights into my dividend portfolio.

Have fun when reading.

Crash or just a bear market?

The stock markets currently know only one direction and this is probably the wrong direction for many. The prices are currently going down and this probably applies to most shares. It doesn’t matter if it’s a healthy company, which is actually more than healthy in terms of sales and profits. The war in Europe is only one reason why things are going downhill at the moment. On top of that, China is imposing increasingly severe lockdowns, which is jeopardizing supply chains around the world. And now there is also the increase in key interest rates, which generally presses on the stock market.

For myself, this is not a crash and I believe (my opinion) that it will slowly go up again in the coming weeks. Thus actually rather a bear market and some shares finally come back to a normal level. Due to Corona, many private investors in Germany went to the stock market and started to invest their capital in shares and ETFs. However, many of them have not yet gained any experience on the stock market, and things have been going up for quite a while. Now, for many private investors, this is the first bear market and some are naturally afraid.

Private investors in panic?

I believe that many private investors are now also selling in panic and will not be returning to the stock market any time soon. For me, however, the current situation is a very good opportunity to increase savings plans and invest even more capital than usual here. Some shares are only now again interesting from the cost price and it can be so also very well existing shares further increase.

Furthermore, the decay of cryptocurrencies is also added here. For a long time, these have also only risen and many private investors have invested a lot of capital here. but now we have arrived in reality and find that the cryptocurrencies are not so independent of the course of the economy, etc. are. Often was to be read and heard yes always that it will not come here to such collapses. Especially in times of low economic growth and high inflation, cryptocurrencies should be the safe haven. Those who did not get out in time or, even better, diversified broadly in the asset classes, will have lost quite a bit of capital.

Always continue and invest regularly!

As already mentioned above, I try to invest as much capital as possible in the current situation. I have my monthly savings plans here, which are always executed automatically. The following savings plans are automatically executed every month: iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF, Xtrackers Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 Swap UCITS ETF, Deut. Börse Commodities GmbH Xetra-Gold (both via Smartbroker), Bitcoin and Ethereum (both via Coinbase). Unfortunately, the choice of savings plans at Smartbroker is very limited and not really flexible. Therefore, everything else is always invested via one-time purchase.

This year, I have already invested more than 12,000 euros and have thus already exceeded my self-imposed goal for 2022. The plan was actually “only” 9,600 euros for this year and it should be invested on average per month 800 euros. However, things have been going quite well for me financially so far and I have already been able to invest quite a bit here. So the savings plans are running and pretty much everything left over at the end of the month is invested. From that point of view, I’m in a pretty comfortable situation.

Dividends become more and more

I focus very strongly on dividends here and try to keep increasing them. The development of my dividends is very good and I am always happy to see how my regular investments pay off. In May 2022, I had a total of 708.89 euros in dividends and this is a personal record for me. A total of 14 companies have distributed here and thus contributed to the very good result.

Who of you would like to know exactly my dividends in May 2022, can read my dividend article “Dividends – May 2022 (05/12) – over 700 euros“. Here you can see in detail the development of my dividends and you can find out which company has paid out and how much. In addition, there are some charts online, which give interesting insights into my dividend development.

What has been changing in my dividend portfolio?

In May 2022, a lot has happened in my dividend portfolio. In the first step, there were, as every month, quite normal my savings plans. The following savings plans were automatically executed: 200 euros in the Xtrackers Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 Swap UCITS ETF – 1D EUR DIS (LU0292096186) and 50 euros in the iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF – USD DIS (IE00B652H904). Furthermore, per savings plan 50 euros in Deut. Börse Commodities GmbH Xetra-Gold IHS 2007(09/Und) (DE000A0S9GB0) and 25 euros each in Etherum and Bitcoin. Unfortunately, since savings plans are very limited at Smartbroker, this is kind of my default every month. Everything else is done by one-time purchase.

Since I want to focus very much on dividends here, Microsoft and Apple were sold this month. Both shares with profit and the decision is not so easy for me. However, the dividend yield here does not fit my strategy and thus both values sold with profit. For the freed capital and some additional own capital was of course also bought some. This time I bought Hercules Capital, Newtek Business Services, Gladstone Capital and Omega Healthcare. These purchases will increase my dividends again somewhat in the future. Less the sales have invested in May 2022 very good 2,478.71 euros.

My buys and sells at a glance


  • Xtrackers Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 Swap UCITS ETF – 1D EUR DIS
  • iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF – USD DIS
  • Hercules Capital
  • Newtek Business Services
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Deut. Börse Commodities GmbH Xetra-Gold IHS 2007(09/Und)
  • Gladstone Capital
  • Omega Healthcare Invest.


  • Apple
  • Microsoft

You can see all activities in detail and complete history on my page “My activities“.


My portfolio performance is red!

My dividend portfolio also continued to go downhill in May 2022. The return in terms of price this month is -2.24%. In absolute terms, this is -1,759.66 euros this month (excluding cryptos). Unfortunately, the overall performance has also dropped a bit. However, the overall performance is still a very good +39.50% and there I can not really complain in the current market environment. Despite the price losses, the dividends and realized profits now contribute very positively to the overall performance. As always, I have shown you the extract from my broker “Smartbroker” and you can see that the numbers are not made up.

So always continue to invest diligently and especially regularly. This is very important for myself that I really stay on the ball here and keep increasing the dividends. The dividends are to achieve me once a passive income, without which I have to sell any shares here.

Top 5 winners and losers in May 2022

Unfortunately, this time I forgot to note down the corresponding positions and their values. Thus show you the current values of 15.06.2022.

My Security Allocation

This is how it currently looks in my dividend portfolio (as of 06/15/2022). The table is sorted by my personal dividend yield.

US6525262035 A12C7Z Newtek Business Services Corp 98 13,43
US04316A1088 A1JU4Y Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc Class A 82 11,09
US04010L1035 A0DQY4 Ares Capital Corp 164 9,59
US74348T1025 A0B746 Prospect Capital Corp 629 9,27
US6819361006 890454 Omega Healthcare Investors Inc 139 8,54
US4270965084 A0ERTZ Hercules Capital Inc 225 8,48
GB0002875804 916018 British American Tobacco PLC 155 8,11
IE00B652H904 A1JNZ9 iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF 367,8781 7,83
US58463J3041 A0ETK5 Medical Properties Trust Inc 175 7,78
US3765361080 260884 Gladstone Commercial Corp 233 7,57
US02209S1033 200417 Altria Group Inc 90 7,44
US3765351008 797937 Gladstone Capital Corp 181 6,87
US92936U1097 A1J5SB W.P. Carey Inc 31 6,28
NO0010209331 A0MSGT Protector Forsikring ASA 182 6,12
US00287Y1091 A1J84E AbbVie Inc 21 5,49
LU0292096186 DBX1DG Xtrackers Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 Swap UCITS ETF 1D 51 5,43
DE0008404005 840400 Allianz SE 11 5,25
US7561091049 899744 Realty Income Corp 38 5,11
US1729674242 A1H92V Citigroup Inc 6 4,45
US6802231042 883298 Old Republic International Corp 117 4,13
US1912161007 850663 Coca-Cola Co 48 3,69
NL0011794037 A2ANT0 Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV 71 3,62
DE000A0S9GB0 A0S9GB Xetra-Gold 3,47 0


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