Investing in plants – JuicyFields project

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Project - JuicyFields

Currently, my passive income consists largely only of dividends, which I would like to increase more and more, by constantly investing. here I am also looking around for other passive sources of income, so that here too can be spread a little more widely. Since the legalization of cannabis and also the development of medical cannabis are progressing more and more, I have now also come across the possibility of investing in plants. There are already several providers here, which offer corresponding investment opportunities to the masses. After some back and forth I decided to use the crowdgrowing system of JuicyFields.

What is JuicyFields?

The company itself (Juicy Grow GmbH) is a limited liability company based in Berlin. This company has already been around since 2017, but the actual platform, where everyone can invest in plants, has only been around since 2020. Here, people can invest in individual plants and then participate in the sales price (return) after the harvest. This type is then called crowdgrowing.

So funktioniert JuicyFields


Investing with crypto or bank transfer possible. The staff at JuicyFields will take care of the cultivation in their own facilities.


JuicyFields employees will grow the plants and later take care of selling them to companies and partners.


In only three months it comes to the harvest of the own plant and it can be achieved a profitability of 36% up to 66%. And this per own plant.

  1. Register on the site and enter personal data.
  2. To purchase plants, select the desired plant with quantity and transfer the purchase price.
  3. Overview from cultivation to harvest of the purchased plants can be followed in the portal.
  4. After selling yield can be paid out or directly reinvested in new plants.

These plants are available at Juicy Fields


I have invested in this

Of course, I do not want to invest a lot of money here immediately. For this reason, I have only bought 2 small plants (Juicy Flash) and thus invested a total of 100 euros. The bank transfer was executed quickly and already a day later stood there my 2 small plants in the greenhouse. So far, everything has worked as promised on the website.

The harvest is to be carried out on 28.04.2022. So now waiting is the order of the day. I will not make further investments here for the time being. I would first like to see if it then also with the yield and payout actually works.

If everything should really work, I can also imagine a larger investment here. The plants then buy staggered per month, so that then later also monthly a passive income can be built. Here, a plant with 4 harvests per year would offer itself particularly well.

My first conclusion

Testwise, I have invested only 100 euros here and just want to see if everything works as it is described on the website. The purchase and deposit worked without any problems. Everything is displayed accordingly in the portal.

But it will be much more interesting when the harvest and the sale begins at the end of April. Only then will it become clear whether everything runs without problems.

I will report here in any case, how it goes and whether JuicyFields is serious or not. in any case, I am curious how it turns out.