Now that my second year on the stock market has begun, I would like to give a closer look at my dividend portfolio. I want to make it transparent and will list here some current key figures and show how my portfolio has developed here. In addition, I will take a look at my dividends and also show an estimate for the entire year 2022.

Performance and portfolio development

It is always interesting to see how other portfolios have developed over the term. I started only in October 2020 and have also just made my first investments in shares and ETFs. Thus, below once my complete performance and portfolio development (Status: 19.01.2022 / Source: extra ETF – direct readout from Smartbroker):


Portfolio evolution

The development is more than positive and I am already annoyed here that I have not started much earlier. But afterwards you always know better. In any case, I am glad to have taken the step towards shares and ETFs and will continue to invest here diligently.

Portfolio allocation

In the next step it will be interesting to see how my dividend portfolio is currently composed. So here is an overview of my stocks and ETFs (as of 19.01.2022 / source: extra ETF – direct readout from Smartbroker):


The savings plan for the iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF USD (Dist) I have first extremely reduced, because this position has become very large very quickly. Of course, I will continue to invest and the savings plan is now the Xtrackers STOXX Global Select Dividend 100 Swap UCITS ETF. Prospect Capital will also be increased a bit to get the 4% weighting. The next purchase on my list is Medical Properties, and then I will continue to see what happens in the coming months.

Mutual dependence and historical risk

With extra ETF there is even a display, how high the mutual dependence and the historical risk is. Here I will look more often if something changes here in the future and what effects my purchases and sales have. (Status: 19.01.2022 / Source: extra ETF – direct readout from Smartbroker):

Dividends estimate 2022

For extra ETF, an estimate of the net dividends for 2022 can also be displayed. This is already very interesting and shows nicely how it is currently developing. Here, too, the status is the 19.01.2022 and the dividends will continue to increase, since I will continue to invest regularly. In the diagram is unfortunately a display error in January. There, the dividends already received and the estimated dividends are simply added up. Thus, the total in January 2022 looks so large and should actually be about 96 to 100 euros. The estimate here currently assumes 2,651.31 dividend. I’m curious…




Statistics and Charts

Here for all once again the whole charts summarized as a gallery:

Always continue to invest

I will always continue to invest here. planned here are 20 years and more and would like to build me so a good passive income. In half a year can be compared then certainly also well, how my investments will affect the dividend estimate 2022. Minimum per month 400 euros are set as an investment with me. However, I am still trying to get towards 1,000 euros per month savings rate. This is already sporty and yet it is very good for me to set such goals. In any case, it is not completely unrealistic. I have already published the last year as a review of 2021.

Best regards,

Mario alias AktienDummy